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About Us

Advintro is a boutique firm that specializes in outsourced/augmented B2B business development and sales resources.  We do this on a fractional basis with a particular focus on the wealth management and financial services industries.

We cultivate the deep relationships and trust we have built over several decades with senior-level executives in leading financial services companies to shorten and accelerate the sales process.


Wim Van Lerberghe Picture

Wim Van Lerberghe

Paul Renken Picture

Paul R. Renken


Brendon Cooper Picture

Brendon Cooper

Tom Waisnor Picture
Kyle Ray Picture

Kyle Ray (Advisor)

Randy Namin Picture

Randy Namin

Sean Kelly Picture

Sean Kelly

John Carlton Picture

John Carlton

Robert McGraw Picture

Robert McGraw

Tom Wagner Picture

Tom Wagner

Shelley Pittman Picture

Shelley Pittman

David Burnham Picture
Karen Santana Picture

David Burnham

Karen Mascarenhas Santana

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