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OutsourceD Sales

We provide advice, introductions, and outsourced fractional sales to speed your time to market. Your firm can utilize the trust, experience, and relationships we have built over several decades to dramatically increase market share and shorten the traditional sales cycle at a fraction of the cost and financial commitment. We can work alongside your existing team or we can be your sales team.


Business Development

We will provide you with thought leadership and will challenge you on how you approach your business development model to succeed quicker in today's competitive marketplace. Simply put, by engaging Advintro on a fractional basis you will benefit from our vast network, knowledge, and experience. We put our reputation on the line for each and every client that is part of the Advintro ecosystem.


Tradeshow Representation

Our multilingual staff has deep experience identifying the best industry trade shows and providing your firm with exclusive or shared representation. We handle the planning and marketing strategies ahead of the event. Our tradeshow representation reduces costs, saves your time, and increases coverage as we can represent clients at more shows.  We can also share the costs with other fintech clients. 

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  • What is outsourced fractional sales?
    Many companies utilize fractional services for their organizations such as Payroll, Human Resources, Accounting, Public Relations, CFO, Legal, and Marketing. We feel that sales are the most important resource and are the heartbeat of any company. Outsourced sales gives firms the ability to access experienced sales professional at a fraction of the cost, get more experienced professionals and provide you with a deeper level of expertise. We can be used as your sales force, augment your existing team, help roll out new products and into new geographic areas.
  • How is this approach better than an in-house sales team?
    Simply put, it saves your firm time and money. It takes almost a year for a hired sales representative to be productive. That's not to mention the time your management team spends training and supervising that sales hire. Advintro's experienced sales leaders are well-connected in the financial technology industry and can hit the ground running, giving your management team the time to focus on the core competencies and other aspects of growing your business. Advintro's extensive network of connections in the financial industry increases the probability of success and reduces the risk of losing time and money should an in-house sales team fail to deliver. Hiring a sales team is expensive, in terms of both administrative and direct costs. The cost of recruiting a qualified candidate, paying a salary, benefits and commission all adds up. With a fractional sales solution your costs are minimized to a flat rate and commission. Big savings and low risk.
  • How does Advintro work with clients?
    Upon partnering with Advintro, there is a 1-2 week onboarding and training period. During this ramp-up phase, our sales professionals take in all marketing and sales material, get familiar with your firms technology stack and begin market research and prospecting. We will work collaboratively with you to develop a go to market strategy, coordinate on focused market segments and work with your existing sales tea,. We schedule weekly team conference calls with you where we present detailed reports of our activities and opportunities from the previous week and plan our activities for the next week.
  • Is Advintro a lead generation company and where in the sales funnel do we focus?
    Advintro is a relationship based model with proven relationships with an extensive network. We are the complete opposite of a lead generation or email marketing team. We can work all sections of the sale funnel from initial contact to contract signing. We work in a collaborative fashion with our clients to see when they want to take over the sales process or have us close.
  • Does Advintro work with existing sales teams?
    In most of Advintro' clients, we augment their existing sales force. We extend their capabilities, market reach and bring leading edge solutions into the markets. We generally focus on establishing new relationships which can allow your organization to "land and expand".
  • What does hiring an Advintro fractional sales professional cost?
    Advintro structure allows you to access deeply experienced professional at a fraction of the cost to hire such an individual. Compensation is weighted towards results and consists of a monthly retainer which buys dedicated time on a monthly basis and commissions. Client also hire several Advintro sales professionals. A experienced sales professional is an expensive endeavor. It can also take that person months of get established and you if it does not work out its difficult to move on after a year. It can also cost you valuable time by being handcuffed to someone who is not effective and you can miss a market opportunity. Companies can also make the mistake of hiring young and inexperienced professionals creates a long training period, significant productivity ramp=up period and and can damage your brand in the marketplace.
  • Our firm leaders are experienced sales professionals. How does this help us?
    Most professional services firms have senior leaders who have experience winning new business and keeping long-term clients. However, they might not have the skills to mentor new firm's scaling their business. We have established trust and relations with key buyer, place an emphasis on a clear and articulate value proposition, understand enterprise pricing, share best practices in a regular, deliberate fashion. Our goals is work with prospect decision makers to shorten the sales cycle.
  • How long is a commitment?
    Advintro has a very short commitment which is three months. The short period is for both parties to see if we are working well together. We don't want our client to feel overly committed but we want long term relationships. Most of our clients have been with us since they became clients.
  • How can institutions benefit from working with Advintro?
    Companies can benefit from using Advintro in numerous ways. 1) They can save valuable time by devoting internal resources to more pressing matters. 2) Cheaper than hiring a full time personal and not knowing whether they will work out. 3) Minimal training time as we only work with experienced sales professionals. 4) We provide honest and immediate feedback from our other partners and prospects. 5) We an shorten the sales process by targeting decision makers.
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