Why Advintro ? 

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 Sales is simple

Sales is the lifeblood of any company and I believe that at the end of the day, sales is pretty simple. If your solutions are superior or comparable to the competition, prospects will buy from people they like and trust.

The liking part should not be that hard. If you are in the service industry and most people don't like you, you probably should get another job. It is the trust part takes years to build. Trust requires time, besides capital the most scarce resource in any startup. Prospects want to know that if trouble arises, which it will, you will do the right thing and that you will be reachable.



Why Fractional sales 

  • Save Time:

    • Rather than trying to figure whom to talk to in which company let us talk to our contacts and introduce you to the right person at the right firm.

    • Let us leverage our personal relationships to get an honest answer for you even if it is a no. An honest no is far better than a disingenuous yes. An honest no is a great intel and a starting point, a disingenuous yes is horrible and time-wasting.

  • Save  Money

    • Instead of hiring a full-time sales executive work with us on a fractional basis.  No need for benefits, long term contracts employee social security taxes, etc.  Since we are so confident that we can sell for you or compensation is largely results based with a small monthly retainer.

    • Travel and trade show expenses can be dramatically lowered if you agree to split the costs with other Advintro clients